Welcome to Wauti
Welcome to Wauti
Welcome to Wauti


The official name of the organization shall be the West African Union of Tax Institutes (WAUTI) hereinafter referred to as "the Union".

Nature of Organization:
The Union shall be a non-profit making body and its income and property from wherever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Union.

  • To co-operate with International Tax Directors' Forum ( ITDF), as much as possible, in its programme of activities

  • To collaborate with regional organizations, international bodies and agencies in the development and promotion of the taxation profession within the sub-region.
  • Tax Institutes
  • Asociacion Espanola de Asesores Fiscales
  • Canadian Tax Institute
  • The Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana
  • The Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
  • European-American Tax Institute
  • Irish Taxation Institute
  • Malaysian Institute of Taxation
  • Malta Institute of Taxation
  • South Africa Institute of Tax Practitioners
  • Tax Executives Institute
  • Taxation Institute of Australia
  • The Chartered Institute of Taxation, UK
  • The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers